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Frequently Asked Questions - Page 2

How long do dry stone walls last?
Generations, assuming normal wear & tear (collision with motorised vehicles not withstanding).

Why are the walls thicker at the bottom than the top?
This is called the ‘batter’ and provides stability.

How much would a dry stone wall cost?
Traditionally, field walls are quoted per linear yard/metre. For domestic work and special projects I will quote jobs individually. This is allows me to take into account all the potential variables, such as the type of finish required, the depth & type of foundation, accessibility of the site etc. All my quotations are provided free of charge and without any obligation whatsoever.

How much stone do you need?
Approximately one tonne of stone will build one linear metre of wall which is one metre in height. However, an allowance must also be made for wastage so this is factored into any build estimate.

If you’re rebuilding an old wall, can’t you just re-use what you take down?

To a degree, yes. However 30-50% of the stone will need to be replaced with new to make up for that which is frost damaged or beyond use.

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